Gasket Makers

3M Gasket Makers

Gasket Makers are ideal for creating a reliable join between mounted flanges or surfaces. The adhesive provides a durable, flexible and temperature resistant seal. It eliminates the need for pre-cut gaskets, reducing the weight, inventory and cost. It does not shrink, crack, sag or run.

Scotch-Weld GM74 50ml Gasket Maker 

The multi-purpose adhesive is a gel which seals similar and dissimilar metal, is a general-purpose flange sealant and can be dismantled after prolonged use.

Colour: red-orange.

Unsure about which adhesive is suitable for your application? Then drop us an email at or call us on 0117 971 1111 and we can provide the most suitable adhesive for your application.

Scotch-Weld GM74 50ml Gasketmaker

Scotch-Weld GM74 50ml Gasketmaker

Multi purpose Gasket Maker colour orange. Produces rapid seals on dissimilar rigid metals. Replaces traditional pre-cut gaskets and fills scratches and gouches. Use for gear-box casings or pump housin..
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