3M Industrial Tapes for Marking

Make facility operations fast, flexible, and efficient – no compromises.

A tape for every job. Whether you’re marking a wall, a pipe, or a loading dock, 3M has the right product durability, flexibility and vibrant color you need to help maximize your workflow, safety and factory or warehouse appearance. 

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Fast. Flexible. Durable. Just what you need.

Employee safety is critical, and your floor marking needs can change quickly, but you also don’t want to shut down production. 3M Floor and Safety Marking Tapes provide the flexibility to make changes quickly and efficiently without masking or waiting for paint to dry. Beyond being easy to apply, the industrial tapes for marking portfolio offers tough, durable tapes that can stand up to heavy forklift traffic with no lifting or curling, then remove cleanly when it’s time for a change. The portfolio also includes tapes that are appropriate for lower traffic levels, wall and handrail marking and more. Floor and safety marking flexibility, with no compromises on performance.

Product Selector Guides:

3M™ Industrial Tapes for Marking Selector Guide

3M™ Industrial Tapes for Marking Information Guide

3M™ Industrial Tapes for Marking Brochure


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Safety & Floor Marking

Floor marking tapes are adhesive tapes used for marking and delineating areas on floors. They enhance safety, organisation, and efficiency in workplaces, warehouses, and public spaces by providing clear visual cues and aids.

Safety & Floor Marking


Duct tapes are strong, versatile adhesive tapes. They offer reliable adhesion, durability, weather resistance, and easy tearability, making them ideal for quick repairs, bundling, sealing, and temporary fixes in various situations.


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