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3748-V0-Q 5kg Quadrack 3M Jet Melt Hot Melt Adhesive

  • 3748-V0-Q 5kg Quadrack 3M Jet Melt Hot Melt Adhesive

3748-V0-Q 5kg Quadrack 3M Jet Melt Hot Melt Adhesive

Product Code:10003227
Availability:10 - 14 Days
  • Pack Price (Inc VAT): £379.85
  • Pack Size 5kg Box
  • Individual Price: £316.54
  • Ex VAT: £316.54

Has superb thermal shock resistant Quadrack™, this is a self-extinguishing polyolefin hot melt. It adheres well to polyolefins. Ideal for rigidizing components in PC board assembly. The V-0 is rated to UL-94. Colour: Very Pale Yellow

Substrate 1 Substrate 2 Int/Ext
ABS ABS Interior
ABS Acrylic Interior
ABS Nylon Interior
ABS Plastic LSE Interior
ABS Plastics HSE Interior
ABS Polycarbonate Interior
Acrylic Acrylic Interior
Acrylic Nylon Interior
Acrylic Plastic LSE Interior
Acrylic Plastics HSE Interior
Acrylic Polycarbonate Interior
Metals ABS Interior
Metals Acrylic Interior
Metals Aluminium Interior
Metals Metal (Galvanized) Interior
Metals Metal (Painted) Interior
Metals Metal (Powder Coat) Interior
Metals Metals Interior
Metals Nylon Interior
Metals Paints Interior
Metals Plastics Interior
Metals Plastics HSE Interior
Metals Polycarbonate Interior
Metals Stainless Steel Interior
Metals Steel Interior
Nylon Nylon Interior
Nylon Plastic LSE Interior
Nylon Plastics HSE Interior
Plastic LSE ABS Interior
Plastic LSE Plastic LSE Interior
Plastics Plastic LSE Interior
Plastics Plastics HSE Interior
Polycarbonate Nylon Interior
Polycarbonate Plastic LSE Interior
Polycarbonate Plastics HSE Interior
Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Interior
Data Sheet Data Sheet
REACh Compliant
RoHS Compliant

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