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Adhesives Information - Epoxies

A brief overview.

What is it?

Simply Epoxy structural adhesive products provide long-term durability for mainly heavy-duty applications. Basically the bond is strengthened through toughened formulations, and depending on combinations of materials or specific choice of adheisve types, can be either rigid or flexible. Thet certainly lean towards exacting demands in electronics, automotive, aerpospace and believe it or not in sport based products as well.

Good in shear and peel, epoxy adhesives can be found as one or two-part products where either heat activation or natural room temperature curing allows for the perfect job to be achieved. Especially different materials with non-same expansion rates can be easily bonded through the use of Epoxies.

From general repairs to the fixing of solar panels for instance represent some of the many ways that these adhesives can really bond to substrates such as metals, glass,plastics and are great in sticking ceramics too.

Below are the groups Epoxy based.

3M EPX Epoxy range
The EPX system is a combination of two-part epoxy adhesives where you have a base and a hardener or catylist which (through chemical reaction) solidifies enabling a maximum amount of cohesive strength. Of course the beauty of the EPX system is that you don't have to weigh out or mix the components together. They are delivered through a specially designed applicator and nozzle with its unique internally spiral chamber. As the two materials are driven through, the adhesive mixes and can be placed exactly where you need the substrate bonded.

3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy 2-Part kits

With the characteristics of the chemistry described above and supplied in bulk kits. However you have to weigh & mix the products by hand but this method allows you to achieve a broader spread and coating, and very much is designed for bigger jobs.

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