Where extreme temperatures, weathers, vibrations or mismatch surfaces exist, our selection of structural adhesives sticks them all. Performance levels are really high such that the adhesives themselves can be even stronger than the actual materials being bonded together.

Use our 3M Structural Adhesives Selector Guide to help you find the most suitable product for your application. 

There are 3 structural adhesive base types available with these important features:

  1. Epoxy: gives high strength at elevated temperatures and good chemical resistance
  2. Urethane: cures quicker to facilitate flexibility between dis-similar materials whilst retaining strong impact resistance.
  3. Acrylic: bonds a wide assortment of materials including difficult plastics or even oily metals. The beauty here is surface preparation that can be kept to a minimum due to the adhesive chemistry;
    but do check what you're bonding first as it never can be ruled out completely.
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