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FineCal works with the OEM, repair & maintenance sectors with quality products & accessories that satisfy the many demanding tasks required throughout the process. Our support enables design flexibility, improved efficiencies and benefits allround.

  Preparation   Assembly   Finishing / Polishing
Application Overview:  Careful cleaning & preparation so fundamental to ensure materials are ready for further processes. Essential in refurbishment and maintenance.
  • Stripping & coating removal
  • Surface cleaning & preparation

Hand Pads;  Tooling.
Cleaners;  Degreasers;  Primers;  Wipes

Paint Preparation Systems
3M Elixair:
New Skymill Scraper system.


Application Overview: Using composite materials to reduce overall weight need high performance adhesives for outer shell and internal honeycomb structures
  • Blade laminating
  • Honeycomb re-inforcement

Aerosols;  Reactive;  Structural.
Double Sided Tapes:
Foam;  Special Purpose;  VHB.
Protective Feet.
Dual Lock:

Application Overview: Once the finished touches are done, final clean up & polishing to ensure surfaces are free of debris etc.
  • Final paintwork edging.
  • Lacquer sanding.
  • Performance cloths 

Hand Pads; Lacquers; Tooling.
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
High performance.
 Protection   Safety & Maintenance   Packing / Despatch
Application Overview: Protective tapes & Randome boots play vital roles in withstanding foreign object bombardment, erosion or offering resistance to extreme temperatures plus the effect from intense UV.
Other functions include cable wrap tapes based on Aluminum foil / Glass cloth with heat-deflection especially when used in conjunction to heat sensitive components.
  • Fluid barriers & wet areas
  • Randome boots for exterior use
  • Rivet protection & masking

Masking Tapes:

Bumpons: Protective Feet. 
Surface Protection Tapes: 

Customised Randome nose & leading edge / landing pod tapes.
Specialist Single-Sideds. 


Application Overview: Both aircraft interior & exterior tasks need methodical processes to ensure full compliance and air worthiness. Important too are policies to enhance personal safety with adequate personal equipment from respirators to overalls. New from 3M are Monitor badges to comply with COSHH regulations and ensure ways are used to check staff exposure to organic substances.
  • Sealant removal and replacement
  • Void fillers & pastes
  • Worker safety products

Hand Pads;  Tooling.
Adhesives & Sealants
Engineering;  Sealants;  Structurals.
Degrease & Washes;

Personal Protection.


Application Overview: Where finished items and spares need to be packed and transported between on-site assembly shops and departments or onwards to specialist maintenance support depots globally.
This also can include kits especially where same item products need wrapping saving on time & costs and streamlining the whole operation.
  • Packing, reinforcing & protecting
  • Appropriate labelling
  • Tools & equipment

Packaging Tapes:
HD Filmic (Def Stan); Cloth;  Filament.
Dispensers:  Tools 
Labels:  FineCal Flexo & Digital Printers

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary.
To secure successful outcomes when products from us are supplied, that you fully test materials beforehand to ensure compatibility: in addition to applying a strict cleaning and preparation regime on substrates you're using.