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FineCal works with the OEM, repair and maintenance sectors with quality products and accessories that satisfy the many demanding tasks required throughout the process. Our support enables design flexibility, improves efficiencies and benefits all round, offering high levels of service under our AS9120 standard.

Take a look at some of the products we supply to the Aerospace industry. If you cannot see the products you are looking for below then please ring on 0117 971 1111 or email at We only have a limited amount of products on our website whilst we can source a very large range, so try us and see what we can do for you. 

FineCal supply a range of adhesives and sealants to suit the multitude of applications used throughout the Aerospace industry. Structural adhesives used in Aerospace represent the most advanced technically enabled product of them all. We can provide primers that are corrosion inhibiting, 1 or 2 part adhesives, adhesive films for heat bonding and dissimilar surfaces, edge and potting compounds.

Our products include:
   -    Epoxy                                            -    Pipe sealant 
   -    Structural                                    -    Structural adhesive film 

We supply a range of tapes that are applicable to many aspects of the Aerospace industry. From masking requirements prior to painting, as well as low tack and standard masking tapes able to handle high temperatures, to technical tapes that can replace mechanical fastenings.

Our products include:
  -    Masking tapes                                 -    Cloth tapes                                  -    Foil tapes 
  -    Electrical tapes                               -    Adhesive film tapes                 


With constant manufacturing of new innovative products to help with processes within the aerospace industry, we provide new tools to enable fast and efficient operations to minimise cost. From aircrafts to helicopters, military to commercial need, our assortment of solutions include products for deburring, cleaning and for paint processes.

Our products include:
   -    Discs                                                -    Portable tools 
   -    Hand pads

We have a limited amount of abrasives on our website, however we can supply a large range from suppliers. Our abrasives manufacturers include: 3M and Sia. 

Protection products are essential for the Aerospace industry. Our wide assortment of safety materials and personal protection products ensure risks are kept to minimal levels. When access to awkward areas are required for maintenance and production, we offer everything from helmets, masks, respiratory equipment, garments, hi-vis, ear plugs, earmuffs and more. 

Our products include:
   -    Coveralls                                           -    Refuse bags                                    -    Gloves
   -    Respiratory                                      -    Hazard tape

We provide an array of packaging products to help protect finished products when travelling to its new destination or when they are kept in storage. Our packaging products include bubble wrap, polythene bags, corner edge protectors, corrugated roll and stretchfilm.

Our products include:
  -    Cross weave filament                       -    Tubing
  -    Printed tapes                                      -    Polythene bags

Accessories range from coveralls to protect, air powered gun and nozzles for adhesive applications, surface cleaners and tack rags to ensure surfaces are cleaned before bonding.

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary.
To secure successful outcomes when products from us are supplied, that you fully test materials beforehand to ensure compatibility: in addition to applying a strict cleaning and preparation regime on substrates you're using.