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FineCal works with Tier 1, Tier 2 etc., suppliers within the Automotive sector supporting OEM's. We have customers who supply Automotive manufacturers both here and abroad (direct & indirect) covering the many applications including component bonding assembly, powertrain, bonding adhesives, paintshop plus abrasive technology.

  Preparation   Assembly   Finshing / Polishing
Application Overview: Important is the correct preparation of products prior to assembly and finishing processes.
If you're needing to stack part finished products before the next stage, then we have products from holding cords to cover sheets to keep your materials safe and dry.
Application Overview: Ensuring products are assemble to manufacturing specifications and using the latest technologies in tapes and adhesives.
Particularly is the confidence that once asembled, top class quality remains and that the finished items and measurements are consistent with SPC procedures.
Application Overview: The standard of quality polishing and finishing has to achieve exceptional high standards to meet with OEM requirements. We supply fine grade abrasives & polishes and masking tapes from 3M. Also the cleaning products to ensure all is ready to go onto the next stage.

Hand Pads; Cubitron 2; Tooling.
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
Tapes; Covers; Straps
Adhesives & Sealants: 
Aerosols; EvoStik; PVA; Reactive; Tensor: Sealants.
Double Sided Tapes:
Multi-Purpose; VHB. 
Dual Lock; Velcro.
Customised Products:
Special Widths; Special Shapes.
Hand Pads; Microfinshes; Tooling.
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
Sprays & Washes.
High Performance.
 Protection   Safety & Maintenance   Packing / Despatch
Application Overview: Of course all products have to have a high standard of protection to ensure damage avoidance remains. Again FineCal keeps an array of items designed to achieve this important function. Included too, is the Bumpon range from 3M. Although these can be used in Assembly, their additional advantage of offering protection from scuffs and scratches are immense. Application Overview: Large or small businesses will mainly have operational machinery and tools for various process requirements. FineCal carries what we term as "the essentials" to ensure staff are properly protected as well as items for emergencies and maintenance.
We supply protective coveralls, ear defenders, face masks together with cleaners and soaps. And being able to deal with the unexpected perhaps roof or product leaks, our ID tapes depicts quarantined areas as well as pastes that may help to seal the leaks also. 
Application Overview: Finished products destined for onward shipment needs good sound packaging offering sufficient solutions to avoid damage in transit. We have an assortment of products that offer 'peace of mind' from document control to identification labels giving you the reassurance that items (once beyond your control) being carried by either intenal transport or subcontactors will reach their destination unscathed.

Edges & Corners:
Foam Profile; Corners
Protection Tapes:
Film & Low Tack.
Protective Feet.
Masking Tapes: 

Personal Protective items:
Ears; Eyes; Hands; Respiratory; Workwear.
Soaps, Sanitizers and Wipes.
Other Safety aids:
Cleaners & Degreasers;
Flooring products;
Warning tapes & Pipe ID.
Spillages & Leaks: 
Sorbents; Scotchkote.

Masking Tapes:
Packaging Tapes:
Standard;  Cloth;  Filament.
Packaging Materials: 
From Pallet Wrap to Strapping; 
Dispensers:  Tools 
Labels:  FineCal Flexo & Digital.

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary.
To secure successful outcomes when products from us are supplied, that you fully test materials beforehand to ensure compatibility: in addition to applying a strict cleaning and preparation regime on substrates you're using.