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Transportation Industry

FineCal works with Tier 1, Tier 2 etc., suppliers within the Transportation sector supporting OEM's. We have customers who supply Transportation manufacturers both here and abroad (direct & indirect) covering the many applications including component bonding assembly, powertrain, bonding adhesives, paintshop plus abrasive technology.

A range of masking tapes, protection tapes and technical tapes to ensure strong bonding or protection. Acrylic adhesive tapes provide high peel and sheer strength that bond to a variety of Transportation substrates.

Our adhesives range include products for under the bonnet, for interior and exterior applications, trims of the car, roof panels, doors, interior dashboards, hoods and also alternatives for traditional joining methods. Structural adhesives offer high performance, fast processing speeds and exceptional bond strengths to similar and dissimilar substrates.

From preparation to finish, abrasives play a huge role in all body shop processes. From small awkward areas to touch coat removal, we stock a range of abrasives in different sizes and grades to ensure the perfect finish.

Personal protective equipment and solutions for the Transportation industry. Including personal protection to prevent health risks to employees or health risks on the factory floor. Our range of manufacturers ensure that we can find cost effective solutions for all safety issues in the industry.

Our packaging solutions for the transportation industry help to protect in storage and during transit. Ranging from corrugated packaging boxes to air pillows, for small items to large.

We stock and supply many accessories for the transportation industry including tape accessories, primer, degreasers, products for Transportation repairs or for spills. Our transportation supplies include: 3M, Quin Global, Mykal, Sia and more.

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary. Get in touch to see if we can supply you with the products you require.