The A-Z Guide To Packaging - In and Out of Industry

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A-Z Personal and Industry Packaging

Packaging items is important, not only to ensure that items arrive safely but also to prevent incurring any fees from postal services. Most commercial packaging materials are used to protect items from any damage during shipping and transit, and also to promote the product to the customer. This is usually through custom printed tape, labels and perfect packaging.

Industry packaging is slightly different, if packaging machines are used, they need to be cost efficient and time saving to ensure that all requirements are met and that the packaging does not slow down the entire industry process. Protecting products during transit is just as important as industry businesses need to keep shipping costs and packaging costs as low as possible.

Therefore we have created a quick and handy A-Z of packaging equipment and materials in and out of the industry.

Products for Packaging

Types of Packaging:

  • *H* = home / simple / small scale packaging
  • *I* = industry / mass / large scale packaging

Air Pillows Icon

Air Pillows: *H/I*

Air pillows are fantastic protection as they are lightweight and cushion any bumps or knocks during transit. The plastic pouches that are stored flat are inflated through a one-way valve. The cushioning and protective gap filler air pillows are easy and cheap to store whilst providing minimal packaging waste. Which is necessary for posting products, especially packaging bottles.


Bags: *H/I*

Polythene bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The grip-seal polythene bags are ideal for small items. The clear transparent bags are reusable, simply press together the grip seal firmly to close the bag and knot. They are tear and burst resistant, also available with write on panels to differentiate the bags. Heavy duty low-density polythene bags are ideal for bagging sharp or heavy products. This is because the extra strong seams prevent the bag from splitting, they are easily sealed with heat sealers or neck sealers and they are approved for food use. The all-purpose, light to medium duty, polythene bags are ideal for all general light to medium weight packaging. They are clean clear low density bags that protects its content from dirt, dust and moisture. They are also approved for food use.

Bubble Bags

Bubble: *H/I*

Bubble pouches are great for small items that need protection, simply slide your item into the bubble pouch and stick the other side over with its sticky strip. Bubble pouches do not add any extra weight or extra shipping costs which is great for sending items. The bags are great for people who either ship a lot, SME’s (small/medium enterprise businesses) or who know exactly what they are shipping. Wrapping items up in bubble wrap and taping it together can be very time consuming which is why bubble pouches are so good, just peel, seal and send. These can also be reused with tape to reseal in the future.

Anti Static Bubble

Anti static bubble pouches prevent static discharge to packaged contents especially sensitive electronic items. The anti static additive minimises the possibility of damage to sensitive electronic components, with a pink colouring to distinguish between non anti static bubble. They are priced similarly to normal bubble pouches.

bubble roll

Wrapping a layer of bubble wrap around an item will help with this. By filling out the empty space in a cardboard box with extra bubble wrap, it prevents the items inside from getting knocked around in transit. Do not leave too much room in the box, around 2 inches is suitable. However if the items inside are fragile you should immobilize them with extra cushioning.

layflat tubing

Layflat tubing is perfect for packaging and protecting long or narrow objects. It can be sealed at each end with tape, knots or heat welding. Layflat tubing comes as clear polythene tubing on flat reels. It is available in many widths.


Cartons: *H/I*

Single and double wall brown kraft cartons are ideal for packaging and shipping a large variety of products. As the cartons are manufactured from rigid flute corrugated kraft board they can be delivered and stored flat for ease, they also come in a large variety of sizes to fit your every need. The single wall boxes are perfect for lightweight products and the double wall board are perfect for the slightly heavier and sturdier items. When storing items in the single and double wall cartons, one of the best tapes to use to secure the carton together is vinyl tape. Vinyl tape is reliable strong and economically priced which is suitable for cartons. It instantly sticks to all paper and board surfaces, it is strong, burst and tear resistant, unwinds quietly from the roll and is suitable for use with pistol grip dispensers.

strapping boxes

Cost Saving: *H/I*

Do not try to cut costs by strapping boxes together. By strapping multiple boxes together, many postal companies will not pay compensation for loss on parcels if they are broken when taped or strapped together. Use a larger box to fit all items or use two parcels and pay for two sets of postage, it is not worth risking your items. Another reason for not strapping boxes together is that if they happen to fall loose one of the parcels may not end up at its intended address if both parcels do not have addresses and postage.


Damages: *H/I*

Package delivery companies can also deny damages claims if you are using the wrong packaging for shipping. Check with your delivery company before purchasing any packaging and equipment. Waterproof your items if they are valuable and use wide packaging tape for the corners of the box. Many companies have Box Strength Guidelines to ensure your item is packaged sufficiently for maximum protection.

documents enclosed

Documents: *H/I*

Documents enclosed envelopes are essential when transporting and protecting documents. The envelopes are water resistant protective envelopes that self-adhesive and stick to all paper and board surfaces. The envelopes are available printed or plain with the transparent window allowing identification.


Edge: *H/I*

Edge protectors are a cost efficient way to protect an item in transit. It is a cushion protection foam-type edge, offering a good and snug fit. The edge protectors are designed to be pliable whilst preventing damage to goods during transit or in storage. It is suitable for furniture, sanitary ware, white and electrical products, ie. windscreens or vehicle doors.

foam edge

Foam: *H/I*

Use foam corners around the edges of anything slightly sharp or anything that could pierce a whole through its packaging. Although the foam is thick and protective it is also cost efficient and light-weight, great for cost saving shipping. The well-made plastic edge is made with moulded guides for locating and securing the strap from slipping when tensioned.

glue dots

Glue: *I*

Glue dots are essential for attaching credit cards, letters, special offers and other uses. They have a 12mm diameter and are sticky rubber on a peel-off paper roll. They are perfect for industries that want to hold small and lightweight items together and they hold securely but remove cleanly, without damaging any substrates. Glue dot rolls can be placed inside a Dot Shot Pro dispenser gun as it dispenses glue dots at ease. It is lightweight, timesaving, portable and rugged, perfect for using a lot of glue dots.

hot melt

Another effective method for carton closing is with hot melt glue sticks. With improved safe handling hot tack adhesive and its ability to stick to all paper and board surfaces, it is a faster and more efficient way for carton sealing. A hot melt glue gun is safe to use in all environments and can be a versatile and convenient.


Labels: *H/I*

Address labels are fundamental, so ensuring that they remain clear and readable throughout the products entire journey is important. If you think your handwriting is not clear enough then think about printing onto a label or a piece of paper and sticking it to the parcel. Adding a layer of single sided tape to protect the address from rain, or use a sheet of sticky back plastic and cut to place over the address, also protecting it from rain and harsh weather conditions.


Mailing: *H/I*

Lightweight mailing bags can offer maximum cushioned protection for items sent through the post. They are self-sealing, extra strong, puncture and tear resistant and come in 3 different colours, gold, white and extra padded; oyster. We currently stock oyster as they are slightly thicker and are more durable, yet keep the postage weight down.

pallet wrap

Pallet: *I*

Pallet covers are crucial to accommodate palletised loads of differing heights. They are easily cut to fit a varying fit load height and are of a low density polythene, while providing refuge from rain.

pallet wrapping machine can improve the pallet stability, reduce wear and tear on your staff and it has a high standard finish.

hand wrap

Stretch film
hand rolls are a quality stretchable hand film that is manufactured to its ultimate break point and reeled into cores, it stabilises and secures palletised loads. When the stretch film is applied you have a pallet film that wraps more items and reduces the energy required by the operative during the wrapping process. The stretch film hand rolls are economical stretch film, ideal for wrapping palletised and irregular shapes loads, it is tear and puncture resistant and prevents movement in transit. It is available as clear or black and can also be used in freeze storage.

Machine stretch wrap is less expensive than hand film and a pallet wrapper. The cost to wrap each pallet can be reduced by as much as 60%.


Reusing: *H*

If you are reusing an old but good condition box for sending items, then ensure all old labels have been removed. This eliminates any chance of the parcel being sent to the wrong address. Only reuse boxes if they are like new, although you may be tempted by reusing a cardboard box that has been bashed about slightly to save on costs, it could end up costing you more when your bumped around box splits on transit.

Safety: *H/I*

When sending an item in a cardboard box, ensure that any individual items are wrapped separately and that items are not touching the sides without padding. This increases the safety of the items and makes sure that if the box is knocked the item inside will not shatter or break.

Loose fill polystyrene chips are also great for packaging items. The free flowing loose fill chips manufactured from environmentally friendly recycled polystyrene. The little chips are good for protecting items in packages, they are light and minimise postage/transporting costs because of this.

Strapping: *I*

Polypropylene hand strapping is ideal for most strapping applications from cartons to light pallets. They are strong, light, flexible and conform to awkward shapes. They are wound onto convenient plastic cores, it will not rust or stain the packaging, and it comes in a range of sizes and breaking strains.


Mobile trolley dispenser for plastic reel strap stores and dispenses polypropylene strapping. It contains a brake mechanism to control strap unwind. We supply an economic mobile dispenser for plastic reel (otherwise known as spider reel) for strapping.

friction weld

Another useful tool in the packaging Industry is the Friction Weld Strapping Tool. It is very efficient with sealing a polypropylene strap together, around a product or packaging. Sealing the strap together around packaging reinforces the protection during transit, it also provides extra security. It is very easy to increase or lessen the tension before sealing the strap together with the ease of one button, which is important for a hand held device. Tensilized polyester is a strong plastic that can be used as an alternative to steel strapping, as it is strong and helps to absorb impact without breakage. While steel strapping tends to be used for high strength heavy duty holding. We sell a strap tensioner heavy duty tool which tensions and cuts woven polyester strapping.

Tape: *H/I*

(H & I – will have to be split for different tapes)

duct tape
Polypropylene tape is a tough general purpose packaging tape which is ideal for carton sealing, paper and board surfaces. Not only is it economic and strong it is also suitable for hand dispenser use too. There is a large variety of polypropylene tape; normal, no noise, heavy duty no noise, machine tapes, heavy duty vinyl sealing tape and vinyl.


Custom printed tape and pre-printed tape *H/I* is a great way to advertise your business or to ensure that your packaged goods arrive safely. Custom printed packaging tape is available in polypropylene or a slightly more expensive, vinyl. It can advertise your businesses logo, phone number, email address or any other important data that your customers might need. It also creates strong branding and your customers will recognise it from afar. Pre-printed packaging tape, such as fragile printed tape, emphasises and promotes a strong eye catching message.


Cross-woven tape *I* is ideal for strapping, banding, bundling and reinforcing heavy consignments, cartons and containers. It is immensely strong, sticks to all paper, board and plastic surfaces, it also has a high resistance to humidity and temperature changes.


Mono filament tape  *I* is a really strong tape, ideal for banding and bundling heavy items. The tape is reinforced with linear glass fibre filaments, sticks to all paper, board and plastic surfaces, available in two grades, 10 and 20 strand.


We provide two different types of masking tape *H/I*  for use. Firstly is our all-purpose low cost masking tape which is ideal for use in the paint shop or drawing office. Whilst our second type is scotch masking tape which is ideal for paint masking, surface protection and general purpose applications. It not only removes cleanly after use, tears easily from the roll but it also has a write-on surface. Perfect for use at home or in industry.


Cloth tape  *I* is ideal for all general repair and splicing applications as it is high tack, has a water resistant finish and is easy tear. Cloth tape can be purchased in white, black and silver.

Tape Dispensers: *H/I*

Pistol grip dispensers are perfect for vinyl or polypropylene tapes suitable for 48/50 mm wide rolls. The dispensers are light and simple to use, adjustable brake for different unwind speeds, essential for all carton sealing. Whilst low noise dispensers are perfect for 48/50mm wide rolls to reduce unwind noise during the application, with a comfortable pistol grip handle.

printed tape
Tape (Printed): *H/I*

Do not write fragile or use fragile printed packaging tape instead of packaging the item securely and sufficiently. Fragile tape should be used with secure packaging.

Tubes: *H/I*


Cardboard postal tubes are perfect to send long or rolled documents, charts and posters. The postal tubes are strong and crush resistant because they are manufactured from spirally wound board with a plastic end cup.

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