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Cleaning to Surface Prep

Cleaning to Surface Prep



A critical element for any successful bonding application is the need to have a clean surface to start with. If you're sticking together products but there’s surface dust, grease or moisture present, the likelihood is that what you're planning to do will fail. So don't take chances and ensure good surface preparation always.

FineCal carries a range of products that aids surface preparation ready for either tape, adhesive bonding or perhaps some other application you have in mind.* We keep cleaners and primers which are appropriate for cleaning glass, cleaning plastics, cleaning metals and degreasing metals - all complementary to your production lines and processes. Latest developments include the availability of solvent impregnated pads, high-performance cleaning cloths with microfibre technolgy and SkySolv Wipes by Elixair to make preparation faster and easier.

* If faced with some foreign bodies or rough areas to remove, our 7447 Scotchbrite Hand Pads will help with surface conditioning and certainly is a useful accessory to have just in case.

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