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FineCal works with the construction industry which include architects, design engineers and building trades (including window manufacture) where various aspects of adhesives and tapes, protection tapes and especially sealants can be used. Whether you are a part of a large multi-national or small operation, we have the products that are suitable and may even help you save time and cost.

Take a look at some of the products we supply to the construction industry. If you cannot see the products you are looking for below then please ring us on 0117 971 1111 or email at We only have a limited amount of products on our website whilst we can source a very large range, so try us and see what we can do for you. 


As more accidents occur on building sites than in any other industry, we supply personal protection equipment to help protect against the hazards that are associated with the job. We provide a cost effective and suitable solution for noise, working at height and protecting yourself. Our large range of protective workwear has been designed to cover all aspects and requirements.

Our products include:
   -    Respiratory                            -    Coveralls                            -    Safety shoes
   -    Ear protection                       -    Hi-Vis



Assembly in the Construction industry can focus on pre-assembly where finished components are delivered to the site where most work takes place on-site. Structural adhesives can be an important part offering robust, climate tolerant and stress resistant properties post-bonding. Whilst sealants offer unique adhesives and sealants to the construction industry, including woods, metals, insulation panels, difficult to bond materials and to also comply with fire rating requirements.

Our products include:
  -    Contact adhesive                        -    Acrylic adhesive
  -    Hot melt                                        -    Sealants 

FineCal's abrasive range are essential for all types of cutting, deburring, grinding, stripping, finishing, refining, blending and cleaning of a variety of metals and woods. The range includes power tools and accessories to ensure efficiency whilst keeping costs down. 

Our products include:
  -    Hand pads                                    -    Portable tools 
  -    Discs



FineCal supplies a range of packaging products to protect goods in transit and in storage, including pre-stretch and pallet film, bubble wrap, tape, steel and polyester strapping. We also offer a range of eco-friendly packaging products.

Our products include:
  -    Edge protectors                                -    Cardboard boxes 
  -    Strapping and tools                         -    Protection 


Our tape range includes single sided and double sided tapes for exterior panel bonding, duct work and flooring installation, with tapes to replace rivets, welds and screws. We stock masking tapes to offer protection and waterproof sealing tapes for sealing around openings or joints.

Our products include:
  -    VHB                                                       -    Foil Tapes                                 -   PVC 
  -    Electrical tapes                                  -    Foam tapes                                                    


Some of our construction accessories include; utility knives for general use, adhesive cleaners, dual lock fasteners (fast assembly as an alternative to drilling), VHB cleaners, bumpons and even cut die tape.

Our products include:
  -    VHB cleaner                            -    Dual lock
  -    Marking tape                          -    Strapping seals 

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary. Get in touch to see if we can supply you with the products you require.