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FineCal works with the Construction industry which includes architects, design engineers and building trades (including window manufacture) where various aspects of adhesives & tapes, protection tapes and especially sealants can be used.

As more accidents occur on building sites than in any other industry, we supply personal protection equipment to help protect against the hazards that are associated with the job. We provide a cost effective and suitable solution for noise, working at heights and protecting yourself.

Assembly in the Construction Industry can focus on pre-assembly where finished components are delivered to the site or where most work takes place on-site. Structural adhesives can be an important part offering robust, climate tolerant and stress resistant properties post-bonding. Whilst sealants offer unique adhesion on most materials in applications without needing extra fixings.

We offer abrasives for metal and wood constructors in sectors the bridge and building sectors. Abrasives for metalworking applications include weld preparation or smoothing of welding seams.

Packaging products help to protect finished items and to help transport them on-site. For example window frames which have already been fitted but still need protecting from dust, builders rubble or the accidental mishap with a tool. Our range of packaging materials and masking films help to protect products.

Range of technical tapes and duct tapes to temporarily repair, or bonding tapes to permanently bond substrates together. Our assortment of masking tapes and masking films ensure good finishes are preserved.

Accessories include adhesive cleaners, dual lock reclosable fasteners, VHB cleaners, utility knives, bumpons and even die cut tape.

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary. Get in touch to see if we can supply you with the products you require.