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FineCal works with the Construction industry which includes architects, design engineers and building trades (including window manufacture) where various aspects of adhesives & tapes, protection tapes and especially sealants can be used.

Burj Al Arab Hotel - Dubai.
Outer cladding bonded totally with 3M™ VHB™ tapes.
  Preparation   Assembly   Finshing / Polishing
Application Overview: Due to the possibilities that many material types will be used, and dependent on the construction type you specialise in, we'll refer to general use. But do contact us if we can help further.
From general cleaners and primers for concrete to polythene for general protection and special masks for skirting boards, we have access to many useful products.
Application Overview: By and large, assembly can focus on pre-assembly where finished compnents or sections are delivered to the site or where most work takes place on-site. In the main, structural adhesives play an important part offering robust, climate tolerant and stress resistant properties. The celebrated VHB from 3M has had over 30 successful years and there's still none other to really compete for performance. We mention also the new breed of 3M sealants which encapture everything you ever wanted but not been able to get until now. Application Overview: Some of the products featured here are mainly based on Abrasives and 3M Scothkote. You won't necessarily find much in our shop but we carry information below. Of course, as always, please feel free to chat to us as we  have access to many manufacturers where a solution may be only a phone call away.

Scotchbrite; Discs; Tooling. 
Surface Prep: 
Primers; Cleaners; 
Protection & Wrapping: 
Filmic Tapes; Films; Masking
Polythene Rolls; Speedy-Mask.
Aerosols; EvoStik; PVA; Reactive; Spray
Double Sided Tapes:
Multi-Purpose; VHB. 
Dual Lock;
Single Sided Tapes 
Cloth; Foil; Sealant.
Scotchbrite; Tooling.
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
Tapes & Labels
High Performance.
Specialist range.
 Protection   Safety & Maintenance   Packing / Despatch
Application Overview: Whether finished items are finished and ready to be taken to the point of use, or materials already on-site such as window frames which have been already fitted but still need protecting from dust, builder's rubble or the accidental mishap with a tool, then we can help. We have a great assortment of masking tapes and masking films to ensure good finishes are preserved. Application Overview: More accidents occur on building sites than in any other industry and perhaps not surprising with all the activity, noise and machinery / equipment that's being used. In order to meet safety requirements such as working at heights, beware of overhead power lines etc. or protecting yourself, FineCal supplies everything from PPE to signage. Application Overview: Final packaging on products for DIY stores or for components / spares to be shipped from factories or suppliers, we offer an assortment of consumbale products that will aid protection and eventual arrival at the intended destination.

Edges & Corners:
Foam Profile; Corners
Protection & Wrapping: 
Filmic Tapes; FilmsMasking
Masking Tapes: 
Polythene Rolls; Speedy-Mask.

Personal Protective items:
Ears; Eyes; Hands; Respiratory; Workwear.
Soaps, Sanitizers and Wipes.
Other Safety aids:
Cleaners & Degreasers;
Flooring products;
Warning tapes & Pipe ID.         

Packaging Tapes:
Standard;  Cloth;  Filament.
Packaging Materials: 
From Pallet Wrap to Strapping; 
Dispensers:  Tools 
Labels:  FineCal Flexo & Digital Printers

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary.
To secure successful outcomes when products from us are supplied, that you fully test materials beforehand to ensure compatibility: in addition to applying a strict cleaning and preparation regime on substrates you're using.