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Glue Dots

Glue Dots

Essentially fulfilling a packaging & holding role, Glue Dots™ offer solutions to essential / quirky challenges where products (such as wobbly items attached to sample trays) have to stick to awkward surfaces. Available in various grades Glue Dots™ cover many applications not just for industry, but in schools, hospitals and retail.

Adhesive glue dots are spots of pure glue spaced out along a release liner. They provide a convenient way of attaching DVD's to magazine covers; membership cards to stationery or point of sale to cooker pans etc. The possibilities are boundless and represent cost saving solutions. Ideal for non-critical processes, it's the product for Fulfillment or Print-Finishing markets.

Although adhesive glue dots are easily used straight from the carton dispenser, we also can supply (special order only) the Dot-Shot® Pro dispenser. A triggerless hand-held applicator which is not heavy or unwield and presents a sure fast way of placing dots exactly where you want them to go and with speed too.

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