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The Electronics industry continues to grow rapidly. Our involvement covers design engineers, line managers and possible in-house screen printers who may be laying down etch masks in printed circuit board manufacture.
The challenge is the large array of plastic materials used and being able to recommend the tapes & adhesives that are fully compatible: in addition to satisfying legislation in RoHS-2, REACh and WEEE requirements.

  Preparation   Assembly   Finishing / Polishing
Application Overview: Although there may be need to utilise abrasives, it really depends on the surface condition especially of metals and in their raw state, the amount of work required to bring metals up to scratch. This particularly applies to products in cabinet assembly.
Initial shaping or cutting to desired patterns are easily achieved by utilising abrasive cutting discs and grinding wheels. In association with CNC's or not, they deal with rust and welds, and denib with ease.

Scotchbrite; Discs; Tooling. 
Surface Prep: 
Primers; Cleaners; 

Application Overview: there's so much product choice but the best has to be 3M VHB tape. It's simple, clean, cost efficient and fast, and enables designers & assemblers in Electronics to create sleek designs to attract consumers. VHB allows fast and permanent attachment of logos or metal or plastic parts to support frames for example.
The use of Velcro or 3M's Dual-Lock is a must too especially if the design includes some access requirements.
See below for more related products.

Aerosols; EPX system; Hot Melt system; Reactive;
Double Sided Tapes:
Protective Feet.
Dual Lock; Velcro..
Application Overview: Finishes & polishes are acheived through Abrasives including lacquer sanding. Lapping abrasive films and Conditioner abrasives all help in providing consistent finishes.
Performance cloths & Stainless Steel cleaners help to remove surface contamination.
Masking tapes which ensure edge protection from brush strokes, have curve flexibilty + polyester versions to use with powder coating that will involve high temperatures.

Hand Pads; Microfinshes; Tooling.
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
High performance.
  Protection   Safety & Maintenance   Packing / Despatch
Application Overview: Protection comes in the form of tape Shielding as well as Surface tapes used for temporary display covers or external cabinets themselves. Most equipment has connectors & seams and benefit from protection against electromagnetic / radio interference. Hand applied Foil backed tapes in roll or die-cuts offer many possibilities and act as anti-disturbance solutions blocking radiated energy.
Surface protection tapes ensure products remain in tip top condition until the consumer removes the unit from its box or packing. You'll find several film types with various adhesive formulations to suit the surface its applied to aiding its eventual removal without adhesive traces left behind. Look below to see more.

Protective Feet.
Tapes & Mastics
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
Protective Tapes: 
Application Overview: The chances of accidents ocurring in engineering can be at a higher level because of extremes of work processes. In order to combat and reduce the risks, we supply PPE (personal protective equipment) to safeguard staff on the shopfloor. If accidents occur such as leaks or machine breakdowns, then again we have Sorbents to mop up the spills and specialist glues to repair maching parts and pipes to keep operations flowing.​​
Personal Protective Items:
Ears; Eyes; Hands; Respiratory; Workwear:
Soaps, Sanitizers and Wipes
Other Safety Aids: 
Cleaners & Degreasers.
Warning tapes & Pipe ID.
Sorbents. Anti-Slip Flooring.
Servicing / Breakdowns
Engineering Adhesives, Lubricants / Degreasers.


Application Overview: Finished products destined for onward shipment needs good sound packaging offering sufficient solutions to avoid damage in transit. We have an assortment of products that offer 'peace of mind' from document control to identification labels giving you the reassurance that items (once beyond your control) being carried by either intenal transport or subcontactors will reach their destination unscathed.
Hand Pads; Microfinishes; Tooling.
Masking Tapes:
Fine Line; Polyester; GP.
Protective Feet.
Dual Lock; Velcro.
High performance.
NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary.
To secure successful outcomes when products from us are supplied, that you fully test materials beforehand to ensure compatibility: in addition to applying a strict cleaning and preparation regime on substrates you're using.