FineCal supplies a range of green, recyclable packaging products to eco-conscious businesses without sacrificing on costs or quality.

Paper Packaging Tapes

A recyclable, environmentally friendly general purpose paper tape with a long lasting adhesive. These tapes have good adhesion to different types of cardboard even when temperatures are lower. The tape is hand tearable and gives evidence to show whether a package has been tampered with.

Water Activated Tape (Gum tape)

This 100% recyclable tape provides a stronger bond on cardboard. Studies have shown that less tape is required on each parcel using this type of tape so this tape is a great cost cutting alternative to other single sided adhesive tapes. These tapes are available in brown, white or reinforced and in various sizes. 

Cardboard Shredder

A useful item that turns your waste cardboard packaging into void fill, perfect for adding protection to goods in transit. A great tool to help save costs on packaging in the long term.

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