Reduce Packaging Waste

Reduce Packaging Waste

Reducing Packaging Waste

Longer length Packaging Tapes

A longer length tape reducing roll changing, improving productivity, creating less waste and less storage. A 50mm wide packaging tape available in 150m or 200m length rolls on 1" cores.

Coreless Hand Stretchfilm

These rolls are made up entirely of film, so once the film has been used there is no packaging waste. A thinner but more robust, higher quality film means more film per roll and reduction in cost as well as no cardboard core to add to the recycling.

Jiffy Earth Aware Mailing Bags

Bubble lined mailing bags wrapped in bundles, removing the need for corrugated outer packaging. Earth Aware was named as runner up in the Sustainability Awards 2015, run by Packaging Europe magazine. This innovative mailing bag will cut down time decanting from the box and removes the need for disposal of a corrugated outer pack. 

Available in a variety of sizes, this crisp, clean and easy to use format allows for increased pallet quantities, therefore improving transport yield and handling costs.

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