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VELCRO® and 3M Branded Reclosable Fastenings:

FineCal supply a variety of Reclosable Fasteners including VELCRO® Hook and Loop in self-adhesive, non-adhesive and VELCOIN® for all your industry requirements. We also have a range of 3M Reclosable Fasteners, with 3M Scotchmate™ Fasteners and 3M Dual lock™ Fasteners with adhesives to suit your specific purpose.

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Product Guide:


General Purpose VELCRO® with adhesive backing, recommended for smooth surfaces and is extremely easy to apply. Supplied in rolls for easy storage and the flexibility to cut to the required length.

Hook010 20mm x 25m330 20mm x 25m

010 50mm x 25m330 50mm x 25m
Loop010 20mm x 25m330 20mm x 25m

010 50mm x 25m330 50mm x 25m


Non Adhesive VELCRO® Brand Tape, is an ideal sew on Hook and Loop tape, for indoor or outdoor use. Also supplied in rolls for easy storage and the ability to cut to desired length.

Hook010 20mm x 25m330 20mm x 25m

010 50mm x 25m330 50mm x 25m
Loop010 20mm x 25m330 20mm x 25m

010 50mm x 25m330 50mm x 25m


Pre-cut disc shapes with a Hook/Loop surface layered on a releasable backing which enables easy removing and attaching. Its make-up ensures that VELCOIN® Brand Fasteners remains resistant to edge damage.

Hook010 13mm330 13mm

010 22mm330 22mm
Loop010 13mm330 13mm

010 22mm330 22mm

3M Scotchmate™ Fasteners

Scotchmate Reclosable Fasteners consist of nylon fabric with Hooks or Loops. They engage to form a quick fastening attachment.

Product CodeAdhesiveApplication
HookSJ-3526RubberIdeal for paper, cardboard, paint, bare and painted metal,

SJ-3527Rubberglass, sealed wood and many plastics
LoopSJ-3572AcrylicBonds well to paint, bare and painted metal, 

SJ-3571Acrylicglass, sealed wood and many plastics

3M Dual lock™ Reclosable Fasteners

45.7m rolls

3M Dual Lock™ reclosable Fasteners are an industrial strength Hook and Loop system. Up to 12 times stronger than traditional Hook and Loop.

Product CodeAdhesiveStem Density TypeAttaches to Type
SJ-3540Rubber250Itself, 170, 400
SJ-3541Rubber400250, 170
SJ-3542Rubber170250, 400
SJ-3550VHB250Itself, 170, 400
SJ-3551VHB400170, 250
SJ-3552VHB170250, 400
SJ-3560VHB (Clear)250Itself, 170, 400
SJ-4570 (Low Profile)LSE Acrylic250Itself

3M Dual lock™ Boxes

The same great 3M dual lock product presented in a convenient short length roll dispensing pack.

Product CodeLengthAdhesiveStem Density Attaches to Type
SJ-354D5mRubber250Itself, 170, 400
SJ-354X3.75mRubber250Itself, 170, 400
SJ-355D5mVHB250Itself, 170, 400
SJ-355X 25mm x 25mmVHB400 +170-
SJ-356D5mVHB250Itself, 170, 400

FineCal supply a vast range of VELCRO® brand products, not all available online including the following;

  • Die-cut shapes
  • Mould in Fasteners
  • Sewn and welded straps

If you have any questions regarding which product suitable for your application then please contact us at or call us at 01179 711 111. You can also visit our blog post on VELCRO® for more information.

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