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Inks, Frame & Re-Stretching

Inks, Frame & Re-Stretching

Gibbon FineCal

For over 40 years we have provided a full range of inks, solvents and materials to the screen printing industry throughout the South West and South Wales. We are able to offer a full supply service to customers who range from small single ownership businesses and educational establishments through to companies incorporating screen print departments and specialist or commercial printers - screen or digital.

Supplier of Inks, Colour Matching, Frame and Re-Stretching. 

Not only are we a distributor of tapes, adhesives and industrial consumables, a manufacturer of labels but we also supply inks, solvents, frames, re-stretching, colour matching and more. 

Colour Matching

We have over 25 years experience of colour matching as our technician can produce colour matches to specific Pantone, RAL and BSI standards. Along with colours to match individual requirements. 

Emulsions & Stencil Films 

FineCal offer emulsions for UV, solvent and water based ink systems. Whatever your print process we have a stencil system that will be right for you, including 

Frames and Re-Stretching

We utilise the latest in screen stretching machinery in order to stretch frames to any given tension. Our screen stretching facility allows us to recover frames to the maximum size of 118" x 119". 


Our inks are tailored for UV, hand benches, semi automatics, cylinder presses, carousels whether air, heat oven or air dried we can offer the perfect product for your particular process.

Screen Reclaiming 

The range of cleaning products we supply will make screen reclaiming an efficient process. We readily stock all the usual cleaning chemicals that offer outstanding results. Each product is developed to reduce the time and effort required where quick turn around of frames is  of paramount importance.


Each screen print process at some point uses a screen cleaning solvent, we stock a range of screenwash for various applications.


Each solvent based ink requires a thinner, we supply solvents to help with retarder (fine detail printing), fast (aiding the ink to dry quicker) and standard (all-round print process with better adhesion properties).


Squeegee blades will aid your print process, we offer vulcalane and polyurethane compounds depending on ink systems. 


From pre-production to print finishing stages, we supply a large selection of sundry items available and in stock.

Get in touch via phone at 0117 971 1111 or send an email to, whether it's a quote, information or to request a catalogue or to place an order.

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