Introducing our colourful new adhesive supplier: Forgeway™

Since being established in 1995, Forgeway™ has grown to become one of the leading adhesive manufacturers globally. Forgeway's focus on solving complex bonding challenges has not changed throughout the years; their focus on adhesives has not wavered. At FineCal we are proud to have formed a new innovative partnership with them which will see us stocking a range of of their structural adhesives and sealants.

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WATCH: An introduction to Forgeway™

An introduction to Forgeway™

Over 25 years of adhesive and bonding experience has helped Forgeway™ realise it's not just about the adhesive itself. Solving complex challenges is about more than just supplying the best adhesive product. The journey to "problem solved" relies on continuous development and intelligent solutions.

Forgeway’s product offering ranges from sealants and semi-structural adhesives to high-performance structural adhesives and specialist adhesives. Each product was developed to solve a customer’s problem.

A full range of colours with Formoa 010:

A stand out product of Forgeway's™ range is undoubtly their Formoa 010 Polymer Sealant. The sealant is available in over 300 different colours with the ability to colour match to any substrates. Take a look at the video to explore Formoa 010 and its use where an exact colour matched seal / bond is required, with no diminution in performance when exposed to extreme conditions and demanding environments.


Why we have chosen to work with Forgeway™

Forgeway™ has become one of the leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives and sealants globally. If you don’t necessarily know the company ‘Forgeway’, it’s highly likely you will have seen their unique chemical branding and easily identifiable packaging. 

This colour-coded packaging is just one example of Forgeway's™ innovative problem solving. The problems their customers face are widespread challenges in the wider industry. Forgeway are known to develop solutions to help overcome complex challenges. 

This is evident throughout Forgeway™ From each product being manufactured to meet an existing customer’s needs; to having a core purpose of “Greener Durability”, no challenge is too complex. That’s why we are so excited to be working with Forgeway™

A range of colours:

Easily distinguish the difference between Forgeway's™ product range thanks to their innovative colour identification system.

One feature that stood out for us at FineCal is the user friendly approach Forgeway™ have taken with their products. Ensuring customers never mix up a joint sealing sealant with a glass bonder sealant, Forgeway's™ product ranges come in different colours, eg- see a red packaged sealant? That will be a glass bonder from the Formoa Range!

The FineCal seal of approval:

After a great day with our sales team meeting and exploring the Forgeway™ offices a couple of weeks ago, our head of Sales and Marketing Nick Searle (pictured alongside Thomas Besley from Forgeway™) popped back down to seal the deal and start off an exciting new jorney for both of us!

Take a look at a range of their products below:

To find out more about Forgeway, head over to their website: Forgeway™ Website



Acrylic 2-part structural adhesives are strong, durable adhesives that consist of a resin and an activator. They provide excellent bonding strength, fast curing, and resistance to temperature, chemicals, and impact.


Primers & Cleaners

Primers are a surface coating that changes the character of a surface so that an adhesive or coating will adhere to it more effectively. Use of a primer can significantly increase the adhesive’s ability to wet out the surface. Cleaners are designed to clean up spilled adhesive – not to clean components to be bonded. 

Primers & Cleaners


Adhesive sealants are versatile products used for sealing gaps and joints. They offer waterproofing, weather resistance, flexibility, and bonding capabilities, providing long-lasting and reliable seals in various construction, automotive, and industrial applications.


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