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We work with Metal fabricators as well as other associated engineering industries who offer skills and disciplines in reshaping raw and complex materials.

From powder coat to silo manufacturers, we supply single sided tapes for protection & masking, double-sided tapes for temporary or structural bonds plus abrasives that handle extremes in surfaces and shapes.

We supply a large range of abrasives including discs, hand pads and portable tools for a variety of applications. Applications include cutting, deburring, grinding, stripping, finishing, refining, blending and cleaning. Suppliers include: 3M, Sia.

Our range of adhesives offer solutions for many traditional methods including mechanical fastenings, welding, structural bonding and waterproof assembly. Suppliers include: 3M, Bostik, Quin Global.

Tapes for metal fabrication include masking tapes, protection tapes, bonding tapes and sealing tapes. Tape offers a solution to the assembly of metals, alloys and plastics. Suppliers include: 3M, Advance Tapes & unbranded.

Our range of PPE covers all of your personal protection needs. Including earplugs, rigger gloves, face masks and even face mask testing kits. There are many hazards associated with the job and our extensive range are designed to improve safety. Suppliers include: 3M, Moldex, Supertouch.

Packaging products help to protect finished products or protect when in storage. We stock hundreds of packaging materials to help your company, including printed tape, bubble wrap protection, strapping, strapping seals and packaging tapes. Suppliers include: 3M, Jiffy & unbranded.

Our huge range of accessories include products for industrial cleaning and wiping, for chemical or oil spills, heavy duty hand cleaners with scrubbing particles. Suppliers include: 3M, Quin Global, Mykal.

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary. Get in touch to see if we can supply you with the products you require.