Moldex Compact FPA1P2 Half Mask 5120

  • Moldex Compact FPA1P2 Half Mask 5120

Moldex Compact FPA1P2 Half Mask 5120

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The Moldex compact mask is for comfort and simplicity. The mask is maintenance free half mask and can be worn with other protective head gear.

Benefits of using the Moldex Compact Half Mask FPA1P2 include:

  • ultra comfort design
  • maintenance free and already to use
  • perfect fit and extremely comfortable
  • wide field of vision, unrestricted freedom of movement
  • automatically adjusts to difference face shapes
  • low breathing resistance and high durability

Steps for the Moldex Compact FPA1P2:

  1. Open bag - as the compact mask is preassembled the mask is ready to use.
  2. Put on the mask - the head straps provide easy adjustment once on
  3. Fit check* - to check the compact mask fits, push the valve in the middle, cover and exhale. If no air escapes then the mask is fitted correctly.
  4. Remain protected - against gas, vapour and dust, work comfortably with the maintenance free compact mask.

*please be aware that fit check is not the same as a Fit Test.

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