Introducing our new supplier: Tuskbond

FineCal are proud to introudce a new range of products from our supplier Tuskbond. Specialisling in Spray Adhesives, Tuskbond offer a collection of quality products with a proud reputation built up over 18 years of product development and market leadership.  Click here to view our full Tuskbond Range of Adhesives 

An introduction to Tuskbond

Founded in 2003, Tuskbond introduced their first complete range of High Performance Canister Adhesives and Accessories produced and filled in the UK. Designed for professional use, Tuskbond adhesives are pressurised and delivered through a gun and hose system. Tuskbond Canister Adhesives are fast, accurate, ergonomic and portable, ready for use in a range applications.

One of their stand out products is the Tuskbond One Spray Adhesive. Perfect for bonding Laminate surfaces, take a look at the strenght in the video below!

Click here to view our full Tuskbond Range of Adhesives 

Tuskbond ONE Multipurpose Sprayable Contact Adhesive

Why have we chosen to work with them?

Tuskbond, over time, have established an excellent reputation throughout the UK and Europe for their supply and manufacturing of sprayable adhesives.

All Tuskbond adhesives are made using original formulations in our dedicated mixing plant in Nottinghamshire.

Tuskbond monitor the development of their products from the idea stage, through to the manufacturing and filling of products, selecting only the best raw materials. With full technical control and continuous work on product development, their mission is to enable customers to select, develop, and create the best products for their business at a competitive price. Each stage of the process is managed by highly trained staff, maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

These core principles sat well with us at FineCal. Quality is a huge part of what we offer as a company and we always make sure the products we sell are up to the highest standards for our customers.

“The Tuskbond range is built on the principle of quality and consistency. All of our products offer genuine high quality solutions, to real industry problems. The nature of Tuskbond leads to improved efficiency within the markets that the products are used.”

Tuskbond are proud to be manufactured in the UK in Kirkby in Ashfield and we are proud to manufacture our own adhesives for the range. This allows us to maintain the quality and consistency which Tuskbond stands for”.

Mike Moran, Director of Sales at Tuskbond

Products we stock:

We are continuing to grow our relationship with Tuskbond and expand our offering of their products.

We currently stock products including:

Plus many more...

Click here to view our full Tuskbond Range of Adhesives