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Single-Sided Foam Tapes

Single-Sided Foam Tapes

Please note: Currently these products available 'to order' only.

Due to the wide assortment of Single-Sided Foam tapes that are available, we stock to customer orders only. We prefer to deal with your enquiry or order direct via Contact Us or by telephone - 0117 971 1111.
It's important for us to ascertain & understand your requirements so that you are advised of and recommended the correct material for your specific application. In addition, many of our customers tend to stipulate specific sizes tailor-made to their needs to eliminate waste, time and costs.

A wide assortment of backings & adhesive combinations suit many needs from gasketing & cushioning to baffling & insulating.

  • Neoprene foams feature excellent closed cell characteristics which provide good ageing & weathering resistance plus good performance to oils & alkalis.
  • PVC foams feature high density properties which are durable, flexible and able to combat the effects from heat exchangers and chiller units. They seal against dust, moisture & light making them ideal for caravan construction or cladding work / glazing units and glass transporting.
  • Urethane foams lean towards open-cell which provide better cushioning and high absorbency to trap moisture, dust & contaminants. Great for anti-vibration, gasket requirements, packaging protection and even polythene tunnels.

Foam colour availability will be limited and are more common in White, Grey or Black. However Low-tack pads can be manufactured in Blue, Red & Yellow.

Foam thicknesses vary from 1.5mm to 25mm and roll widths are determined based on the thickness; but available from 4mm to 1m master logs.

Adhesives are Acrylic or Rubber based - the latter not recommended for long-term or external applications.