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Specialty Products

Specialty Products

FineCal continues to expand its portfolio bringing on board other product areas beneficial to either growth markets or for specific applications.

Procured from quality sources, we supply specialty products which are able to offer distinct advantages due to their quality, fit-for-purpose and reliability. Ease of access to manufacturers' technical teams is an important prerequisite and the availability of industry "experts" who can meet with customers first hand to discuss specific projects and offer ideas & solutions.

Currently you can enquire for Band-It engineered clamping products.

Meanwhile due to the abundance of variations of specific product types, you can purchase direct via our sales office 3M's Scotchkote and 3M Shrink & Cable ranges. As these are very technical products, we wish to be confident that you have the correct product that matches your expectations and one designed for your specific purpose. So call us to discuss further.

Special widths & Die-Cuts: If you're needing that bespoke tape width to save on time and waste, then just ask! FineCal has its own slitting facility (3M approved) and can cut to the widths you need simply and quickly.
But if you're searching for a more advantageous solution to fit a recess for instance and save you the time and effort in hand cutting with knives or scissors, then we can help here too.
FineCal can arrange to die-cut adhesive tapes to the shape you need and in combinations which may contain a mixture of materials (e.g. foam and fingerlift or high and low tack) to allow you to execute your task efficiently. Have a look here at what we can offer.

Watch out for more additions to our shop.

Please contact us for further information.

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