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3M Scotchkote Overview

3M Scotchkote Overview
Transportation, Marine, Electrical and Constuction markets all desire to offer quality and “built for life” products. However natural erosion, wear or breakdown can occur causing inconvenience or disruption and moreover potentially real cost issues. This is where 3M Scotchkote™ rises to the challenge and enables permanent remedies once potential or existing problems have been identified.

Ideal Applications where Scotchkote is the sure winner!

  • Solutions for Property & Building Managers
  • External Wall Repair
  • Coated Sheet Protection & Waterproofing
  • Anti-Graffiti Systems
  • Flat & Pitched Roof Coatings
  • Roofing Insulations
  • Flexible Repair Systems from Conveyor Belts to Chutes & Hoppers
  • Ceramic Repairs from Pump Impellers to Eroded Pipes
  • Stuctural Metal Support Coating & Fire-Protection (30 to 120 minutes)
  • Marine Repair Systems for Essential Maintenance inc Lifeboats
  • Urethane Bandages for Essential Pipe Repairs + Instant Leak Stopper
    3M Scotchkote

3M Scotchkote™ comes in various guises ensuring total protection of many material surfaces or even repairs being conducted successfully. In addition, it proves itself invaluable as a vital tool in preventative maintenance.

So from seamless liquid coatings to protective paints, applications for train, bridge or pipeline maintenance, roof repairs and building waterproofing, or even ensuring that graffiti can be removed makes Scotchkote™ the perfect product.

FineCal is the authorised distributor of 3M Scotchkote™ and thus able to develop your enquiries into long term solutions with immediate success.

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