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Die-Cuts & Slitting Service

Die-Cuts & Slitting Service

All tapes whether they're foam or filmic; adhesive solid or adhesive transfer; single or double-sided, can be customised into any shape to specific production applications.

die cut service

Besides the slitting of rolls (in-house) from tape logs to the size widths to fit exactly where you need them, die-cut parts on the other hand go that extra distance and provide:

  • improvement on productivity
  • savings in time
  • savings in material
  • savings in money

Custom Die Cutting Services

Presented in a raft of combinations, die-cuts can come in standard roll tape form, with or without waste removed, and in single cut pieces, sheets or strips. We'll arrange for the product to be engineered to suit the task incorporating elements such as pre-spaced layouts, location holes, butt-cuts, oversize liners to ease handling or even on split-back.

If you're in the following Automotive, Electronics, Engineering or Telecommunications industries, then there's a chance that converted products could be the answer you're looking for.

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