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Shrink & Cable Overview

Forward thinking & manufacturing support the world over – that’s 3M!

Trunking Cables

  • Contractors need reliability with high specification electrical products to ensure that they meet their stringent demands.
  • Utility generated installation and maintenance programmes need to rely on high quality low and medium voltage jointing and terminating solutions. These include 3M pioneering the use of cold-applied shrinkable technology with its longevity and health and safety assurances.
  • OEM markets need products to address applications such as shielding and protecting, insulating and management of electro-magnetic interference.

Tomorrow’s technology today comes in the form of reliable products and innovations from 3M. Underground networks, tower systems and wind farms require proven reliability in applications the world over.

Due to the wide product assortment, you cannot purchase via our shop. In order for you to have the correct product and perhaps for the need of manufacturing technical representatives to be present on-site, we prefer you to...

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