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Woodworking Industry

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FineCal works with Joinery & Woodworking which includes kitchen and Bathroom designers, builders & installers. Whether you are part of a large multi-national or small operation, we have products that are suitable and may even help you in time and costs. Various aspects of adhesives & tapes especially sealants and bumpons that can be used.

Take a look at some of the products we supply to the Woodworking, Joinery and Shopfitting industries. If you cannot see products you are looking for below then please ring on 0117 971 1111 or email at We only have a limited amount of products on our website whilst we can source a very large range, so try us and see what we can do for you.

We cover the entire abrasives range from low grit abrasives for metals and higher grit for smooth wood sanding. Abrasives are essential for all types of sanding, preparation for polishing, calibrating and much more.  Abrasive applications of sanding off, calibrating, keying, fine sanding, profile sanding, intermediate sanding and preparation for polishing.

Products include:

We have a limited amount of abrasives on our website, however we can supply a large range from suppliers. Our abrasives manufacturers include: 3M and Sia. 

*this may not apply to all abrasive applications. Get in touch to see what abrasive products we can supply you.

At FineCal we supply a range of wood adhesives to tightly bond substrates in the woodworking environment. These include many water resistant and completely waterproof adhesives, from general PVA to contract spray adhesives.

Products include:

Tensorgrip adhesives available in canisters and aerosol cans. The adhesive system of Tensorgrip eliminates the traditional methods of bonding that are messy, wasteful and time-consuming.  

Products include:

  • l12 - for bonding: flexi-ply, wood build-ups 
  • l17 - for bonding: metal/aluminium sheeting, standard laminate, FRL, FRP/GRP, plasterboard
  • l31 - for bonding: standard laminate, veneers, post forming, high gloss laminate
  • l40 clear or red - for bonding: standard laminate, wood build-ups, foam, carpet tile, carpet
  • lp61 - for bonding: metal/aluminium sheeting, synthetic leather, standard laminate, FRL, plastics
  • lp64 - for bonding: high gloss laminate, veneers, standard laminate, post-forming

Not only will Tensorgrip speed up your workflow and reduce your production time, it is also guaranteed to transform the way in which materials are bonded together.

Protection products are essential for the woodworking, joinery and shopfitting industries. There are many hazards associated with the industry including power tools with hands, which is why we have a large range across multiple brands to ensure we can provide a cost effective and suitable solution.

Products include:

Fit Testing is a great method to check tight fitting pieces to ensure that they fit the wearers face correctly. Masks must be tested as a part of the Approved Code of Practices (ACOPs).

Fit Testing should be carried out as part of the initial selection of the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). We currently supply Fit Testing kits for employers to test or we can send an Area Representative in to do the testing instead.

Click to view more about Fit Testing.

Technical tapes are essential in so many woodworking, joinery and shopfitting industries. From masking tapes to mask and protect, duct tape to temporarily repair or even bonding tapes to permanently bond substrates together.

Products include:

We provide an array of packaging products to help protect finished products when travelling to its new destination or when they are kept in storage. Our packaging products include bubble wrap, polythene bags, strapping, corner edge protectors, corrugated roll and stretchfilm.

Products include:

Some of our woodworking accessories include utility knives for general use in the workshop, including striking and layout knives. Dual Lock fasteners are fast assembly as an alternative to drilling, with high temperature and solvent resistance.

Products include:

NB: Not all industries will have applications in certain processes, thus the information provided will vary. Get in touch to see if we can supply you with the products you require.