Can VHB Tape Replace Mechanical Fastenings?

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Can tape replace mechanical fastenings? What would break first, metal sheets joined together with rivets, or metal sheets bonded together with tape? It took 3 swings for a bowling ball to break the sheets of metal joined together with rivets. After 20 swings of a bowling ball, the metal sheets bonded together with Very High Bonding Tape (VHB) were only dented - not broken. Have a watch below.

VHB (Very High Bonding Tape) has the strength to replace screws, rivets and welds. This is because the tape distributes stress over the entire bonded area which eliminates the stress that can be caused by mechanical fasteners. Whilst a screw or rivet can join two substrates at a single point, VHB tape permanently adheres one substrate to another and spreads the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once the substrates are joined with high-strength double sided VHB tape, a virtually indestructible 'weld' is created.

Have we still not convinced you that tape really can replace mechanical fastenings? An old video by 3M conveys the strength of tape versus mechanical fastenings. The video displays two iron sheets bonded together by VHB tape and once again, iron sheets joined together with rivets. Can a vehicle pull apart iron sheets bound by tape?

Double sided VHB tape offers unlimited design and application possibilities. Skyscrapers, mobile phones, iPads, variable electronic road signs, refrigerators, marine electronics, architectural windows, recreational vehicles and trailers all rely on VHB tape for at least one step in the assembly, mounting, fastening and sealing process.

What are the advantages of using tape over traditional mechanical fastenings?

  • tape bonds dissimilar materials
  • it is reliable and durable
  • it bonds and seals simultaneously
  • tape improves appearance and reduces finishing
  • competent at over 200'C
  • tape bonds substrates including metal, glass and plastics
  • tape distributes stress over the entire bonded area, eliminating stress caused by fastening methods

Very High Bonding tape bonds to a variety of surfaces including:

  • glass
  • metal
  • some plastics
  • composites
  • sealed wood

Facts about VHB:

  • standard rolls are 12mm, 19mm, 25mm
  • has extraordinary strength, conformability and versaility
  • permanent assembly
  • the composition of VHB resists UV and weather damange
  • a great solution for outdoor application

Wants to start using VHB tape instead of mechanical fastenings?

Then we need to know 3 important factors before we can select the most suitable VHB tape for your application as we supply over 25 different types of VHB tape:

  • what are you bonding?
  • what performance demands are there?
  • what kind of environmental conditions will the finished product be subject to

Order your VHB tape from FineCal Distributors.

We are the select 3M Premier Distributor for the South West and Wales, we can provide solutions to your bonding, joining and give you the most competitive pricing. If you are looking to purchase or enquire about VHB then get in touch with us a or call us on 0117 971 1111

Last update: Mar 24, 2016

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