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Do you want your respiratory masks to combine comfort, protection, cost effectiveness and help the environment?

Then the new reusable generation of Moldex Air masks combine and fulfil these requirements. The AirWave® high performance filter, the soft flexible and self-adjusting design, the reusability and the incredibly low breathing resistance make our Air masks the best FFP respiratory protection for yourself and/or your employees!

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Advantages of the reusable FFP masks "AIR"

  • Comfortable and secure fit. Flexible self-adjusting shape.
  •  AirWave® high-performance filter, more than double the filter surface.
  • 70% lower breathing resistance for superior comfort.
  • Efficient and cost effective for multiple working days.
  • Quality tested with EU certificate
  • Skin friendly and free from harmful substances
  • Made in Europe

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Ensure to protect your eyes from exposure to hazardous materials such as dust, chemicals, and debris, which can cause eye irritation, injury, or even blindness. Eye protection can prevent long-term eye damage and improve workplace safety.



General PPE includes protective clothing such as Bump Caps, Fit Testing Kits and storage bags to keep your respiratory protection clean and healthy.



Exposure to loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss or damage. Prolonged exposure to loud noise in the workplace can lead to long-term health problems. Wearing hearing protection such as ear plugs or muffs can reduce the risk of hearing damage.



Our range of respiratory protection guarantees protection against harmful debris and chemicals. Keep yourself protected and choose from a range of masks, hoods, respirator systems and the 3M Versaflo Kit.


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