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“The Aerok range consists of structural epoxy adhesives and ultra-low-density void fillers. The Aerok adhesives vary from two-component structural adhesives to one-component, heat-cured structural adhesives. An Aerok product will give you high performance and high strength but with more adjustability over the cure time and increased durability.”

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Introducing Aerok 8040:

Aerok 8040 is a two-component structural epoxy adhesive. It forms a high-strength and durable bond with most metals and composites.


An extended open time of around 90 minutes allows more time to reposition materials when bonding. It is available in 50ml and 400ml cartridges.


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Typical Applications:

Large-scale assembly:

  • Due to the extended working time, Aerok 8040 is ideal for bonding large materials. The working time allows for repositioning so that materials can be put in the exact right place before curing takes place.

Component Assembly in harsh conditions:

  • Given the complexity and precision required in aerospace parts, Aerok 8040's long open time ensures accurate positioning and structural bonding of intricate components even in conditions that experience exposure to weathering and chemicals.


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Why choose Aerok 8040?

If you need a high strength structural adhesive that remains durable in harsh conditions and also has an extended open time, then Aerok 8040 is the perfect fit for you.

However, if you want a faster curing adhesive or a product that has more flexibitlity, then you are best off looking at other structural adhesive products from Forgeway.


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Key Features:

Extended open time: (around 90 minutes)

High strength: (Tensile strength of 20 Mpa)

Excellent weathering resistance: (when exposed to cold, hot, or wet climates)

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