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“Purok is our range of structural acrylic adhesives. The versatility of the Purok products means you can get anything from an impact-resistant structural adhesive to a specialist polypropylene bonder and other structural adhesives. If you are looking for high-strength, fast-curing structural adhesives that requires minimal surface preparation, look no further than the Purok range. We designed Purok products to help you speed up production.”

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Introducing Purok VX70:

With an acrylic based formulation and variable cure speeds, Purok VX70 is the ideal adhesive for bonding composites, metal, and some plastics in applications that experience lots of movement.


It is a two component 10:1 ratio structural adhesive that can come in varying cartridge sizes or bulk options.


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Typical Applications:

Composite Bonding

  • Bonding a wide range of composite materials used in industries and applications that will experience movement.


Vehicle manufacturing

  • Bonding components that are likely to experience heavy vibrations and dynamic loads.



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Why choose Purok VX70?

If you’re looking for a fast-curing and easy to use structural adhesive that has very high flexibility or you’re bonding composites and need the adhesive to withstand movement, Purok VX70 is the perfect adhesive for you.

If you want a stronger adhesive that is more rigid or you don’t like the smell that acyrics adhesives can have, there are plenty of other options available in the Forgeway range.


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Key Features:

  • Good strength (can reach strengths of 15 MPa)
  • Very High flexibility for structural adhesive (tensile elongation 200%)
  • Minimal surface preparation required

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