PRODUCT FOCUS: Permabond® TA4660

At FineCal, our range of adhesives from Permabond are specifically formulated for manufacturers of composite materials, structural engineers and plastics manufacturers. Their ‘TA’ range of structural acrylics are perfect for replacing welding or mechanical fasteners in the production and post-production process. Whether you’re bonding plastics, metals, composites or other substrates, Permabond adhesives won’t let you down. 

The text below is supplied by Permabond®

Introducing the Permabond® TA4660:

Permabond TA4660 is a breakthrough two-part structural acrylic adhesive that has been specifically designed for bonding nylon 6 and 6.6 (both filled and unfilled). It has a 2:1 mixing ratio and does not require any primers or additional surface treatment before bonding.

Product Features:

  • Bonds nylon surfaces (both filled and unfilled)
  • No need to carry out surface pretreatment on nylon before bonding
  • Can be used to bond nylon to metal (such as steel or aluminium)
  • 1:2 mix ratio, easy to dispense
  • Static mixing nozzle included for easy mixing
  • Cures fully at room temperature
  • High bond strength - often exceeding the strength of the nylon

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The problems of bonding Nylon...

Nylon is a popular engineering plastic that has a reputation for being a difficult substrate to bond. The material itself is highly versatile, lightweight, high in strength and inexpensive to buy, which has led to its widespread use in a multitude of engineering applications. Nylon has uses in the automotive industry, as well as in electronics and food packaging, amongst others.


However, its difficulty in bonding has been a source of frustration for adhesives manufacturers for many years, which is why Permabond® are particularly proud to have pioneered an adhesive that is able to produce such a strong, lasting bond on this substrate. 

The Solution With Permabond® TA4660...

Permabond TA4660 is ideal for bonding nylon to nylon, and during pull tests, the nylon actually fails before the adhesive does, such is the strength of the bond produced!


It is also highly suited for bonding nylon to metals, forming strong bonds on aluminium, steel and other metallic surfaces. The toughened matrix of the adhesive helps to give it a high peel and impact strength, all the while absorbing any differential thermal expansion and contraction stress without causing the bond to fracture.


TA4660 cures at room temperature and achieves a working strength in 2 hours after bonding. In addition, the adhesive contains microbeads which help to control the bondline thickness, allowing for superior performance. It’s easy to dispense via a dual cartridge with a static mixing nozzle. 


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