The new interactive FineCal Engineering and Composites Brochure

The new FineCal Engineering and Composites interactive Brochure

At FineCal, we are delighted to showcase our brand new brochure designed specifically for Engineering and Composites work.

Outling our range of products and services, our brochure is brimming with a wide range of Adhesives, Abrasives, Technical Tapes, PPE, Industrial Consumables and more!

Our online interactive version allows you you head straight through to the dedicated section on our website.

  • Simply click on a photo or headings where a hand shows when scrolling with your mouse.
  • Got a favourite brand? Just click on the brand logo and it will take you to our dedicated brand homepages.
  • Get in touch with us by clicking our website at the bottom of everypage or click the email address to open up an email straigh to us or click the phone number.

Speak to us today or your reps about getting your hands on a physical copy.

Remeber, we offer much more than we can fit in the brochure, so get in touch with us and we will be sure to help you.

Click Here To View The Brochure