Introducing Permabond: Our exciting new adhesive supplier

Permabond are a worldwide manufacturer and provider of industrial adhesives designed to suit the varied needs of many different industries. Since the company’s founding in the 1960s, Permabond have been at the forefront of leading-edge innovation and ingenuity in the world of engineering adhesives, a reputation which continues to stand the test of time today.

At FineCal, our range of adhesives from Permabond are specifically formulated for manufacturers of composite materials, structural engineers and plastics manufacturers. Their ‘TA’ range of structural acrylics are perfect for replacing welding or mechanical fasteners in the production and post-production process. Whether you’re bonding plastics, metals, composites or other substrates, Permabond adhesives won’t let you down. 

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The Permabond TA46XX Range:

Leading the way in Permabonds structural adhesive range is their TA46XX products.

What makes them so good?

  • The Permabond TA46XX range has been developed to bond untreated polyolefin surfaces. These adhesives are ideal for bonding polypropylene and polyethylene - without the need to carry out costly surface pre-treatment before bonding. They can also be used to bond polyolefins to a wide variety of other substrate materials. At FineCal, you can find the TA4605, TA4630 and the TA4660 adhesives.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bonds low surface energy plastics 
  • No need to flame, corona or plasma treat surfaces before bonding = cost & process saving 
  • No primer required 
  • Ideal for bonding a wide range of surfaces 
  • Some strength on PTFE (Teflon) 
  • Easy 1:1 mix ratio - can be manually applied or used with automatic dispensing equipment 
  • Non-hazardous for transport = easier shipping & storage 
  • Full cure at room temperature 
  • Good impact strength 
  • Good chemical resistance 

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Acrylic 2-part structural adhesives are strong, durable adhesives that consist of a resin and an activator. They provide excellent bonding strength, fast curing, and resistance to temperature, chemicals, and impact. Explore our range of formulations, tailored for diverse applications from industrial to crafting needs. Trust in our acrylic adhesives for secure and long-lasting bonds.



Epoxy 2-part structural adhesives are high-performance adhesives that combine epoxy resin and a hardener. They offer exceptional bonding strength, durability, chemical resistance, and are commonly used for structural applications and bonding dissimilar materials.


Adhesive Accessories

Don't forget your adhesive accessories! A rangle of Nozzles, Dispensers and Applicators available for 3M, Permabond and Loctite adhesives.

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Primers & Cleaners

Prepare surfaces effectively with our premium primers and cleaners. Engineered for optimal adhesion and cleanliness, these products ensure superior bonding results. Explore our range of formulations, suitable for various materials and applications. 

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